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  1. muzamil says:

    ya gouse al mada

  2. RAFEEK VK says:

    first visit here let us c

  3. Malang ndong says:

    May Allah continue to shine the light of our venerated sheikh

  4. ibrahim ishaq ibrahim says:

    sheikh nah Abdul kudir jiyali

  5. Roukzana Mahomedkhan says:

    Would like to read the whole life of Abdulqadir Jeylani

  6. nuurta says:

    Maasha Allah. Shaikh Abdulqadir jeylani was a pious Muslim sheikh. may Allah bless him.

  7. Naseem Kaloo says:

    Wa alaykumus salaam…

    Jazak ALLAH for the wonderful website and for including excerpts of some of the great works of HAZARATH SHEIKH ABDUL QAADIR AL JILAANI ( R.A) which brought me even more closer to our Great Sheikh and put me on the path to tassawuf. I just hope i could manage to obtain all of his great works here in South Africa Insha-ALLAH.

    May ALLAH SWT bless you all with all the best in this dunya and the aakhirat AAMEEN!

    Assalaamu alaykum…

  8. Saeed sh ali says:

    Great readers thanks all of you barakallahu fiikum

  9. Saeed sh ali says:

    Great readers thanks all of you

  10. bushra says:

    thnk u sooooo much for all duas and such a huge knowledge, allah bless u all, ameen

  11. Amina Bakari says:

    Seeking knowledge

  12. Saadia says:

    Want to know more about sufism in Islam

  13. یہ تیرا کرم ہے یا غوث جو بنا لیا ہے اپنا
    کہاں روسیاہ فریدی کہاں آستاں تمھارا

  14. 786 Wa ‘aleykum as-salaam wa rahmatullahi wa barakatuhu,
    Thank you so much for this collection of luminous wisdom from the Ghawth al-Azam! It’s every bit as relevant today as it was during Shaykh’s (qs) lifetime. May God swt bless you and your families abundantly, in this life and the next. Jazakullah khair

  15. LOUD SINGARA says:

    Still reading about the illustrious Sheikh

  16. yasmeen rajah says:


  17. amani says:

    Asalam aleikum to all there,its a great job,masha Allah I would to ask for more material especially dua to protect one self from shaytan .shukran

  18. laiq ur rahman says:

    pls send me all the material to understand islam and its teachings

  19. oaziz gallager says:

    Im really interested and learn some deepest meaning of truth… and very much interested on shaikh Abdul Qadir jailani R.A….thanks a lot for this page

  20. MUHAMMAD BARRA'U says:


  21. Great job. Kindly we would like to know how Twarikah spread to Africa.

  22. Love to Read Hazrat’s Great Words

  23. imara says:

    Great job masha Allah. Please continue this great and usefull work. May Allah bless you’ll in abundance for this task In sha Allah.

  24. Musah hamid says:

    Love you beloved master